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BMC Bicycles and Frames

BMC bikes stand for innovation, for Swiss quality, for style, for passion and precision. As the manufacturers of Swiss bicycles which defy boundaries, we are guided by our passion, radical approach, freedom, and credibility. All these elements form the backbone of our products that we would like to introduce you to. Take the plunge into the world of Swiss Cycling Technology!

Come experience how our engineers passionately define and translate their understanding of cycling into an outstanding product. Always standing in the foreground is our combined joy in building a bicycle which marries the optimal transfer of strength and energy with the highest comfort values. BMC always strives to produce a distinguished product with unique beauty and influence. This year has been no different as our bicycles reach the highest levels of craftsmanship thanks to a smooth integration of engineering and design.

We deliberately chose not to be influenced by the partially irrational trend regarding the relation between weight and the use of carbon as a material for frames. Carbon has become the wonder material in the world of cycling; however, there are boundaries for the technical possibilities in carbon processing. With a conviction in our expertise, we understand and work within these limits and boundaries. Avoiding capricious trends, our only goal is to build the highest performance, highest precision and most beautiful bicycles in the world for you.

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1273 N Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, CA 90290

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