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Rogue Journeymen Arteique...

There are a lot of boring wallets out there. A slot for money and a few individual card slots. We wanted to make something as individualistic and unique as possible, stepping away from the norm. Our Arteique Wallet incorporates an inner tube for secure closure with "Rogue Journeymen" pressed in. Dyed here at our little bike shop in Topanga.

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Rogue Journeymen Oakwood...

Choose between brown leather, army canvas and light brown. Were making these Oakwood Wallets out of leather scrap we have. Perfect for cards and little cash. Tri-Fold. Send us a message with your order on which color you'd like. Natural thread.

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Rogue Journeymen/Pendleton...

We started by calling Pendleton and requesting a bag full off miscellaneous fabrics. We decided to use this amazingly colorful array of Pendleton wool for our One Snap Wallet. One compartment. One convenient way to hold everything you need.

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Rogue Journeymen Pocket Wallet

Handemade in Topanga, CA. We make a simple design a reality with the Pocket Wallet. Made of thin Latigo leather, we hand dye each wallet to create a unique look. The dye will fade and leather will soften with time. No two are the same!

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 item(s)