Topanga Creek Outpost

Our business started back in 1999 in the original Hollywood location as a means to pursue our creative endeavors. We worked with those who shared a passion for cycling, and they were also actors, musicians, wood craftsmen, and artists in various shapes and forms. Our tiny store was no bigger than 200 square feet and it marked the beginning of a great journey that has led us here today.

In late 2008, Chris Kelly, the owner and founder of Topanga Creek Outpost, moved the business to Topanga which is a canyon community right outside of Los Angeles. Grew up in the evergreen Adirondack Mountains, Chris immediately fell in love with Topanga by its open grassland, lush live oaks and rustic charm. Topanga is also an artists enclave that has attracted independent and creative people throughout its rich history. It's been home to legendary musicians like Woodie Guthrie, Neil Young and Alice Cooper. In fact, our shop was once the rehearsal studio for The Doors and The Eagles.

With the Topanga State Park in our back yard, we were given the amazing opportunity to pursue our passion in mountain biking due to easy access to the Park's trail system. And way before bikepacking became a buzzword in the bike industry, Chris had already embarked on many bikepacking adventures including one from Omaha to Chicago through the dirt/gravel roads of Iowa. Our passion for outdoor adventures and belief in honest business practices have resulted in many magazine coverage and accolades including the California Small Business of the Year award.

After almost two decades from our humble beginning, we're very fortunate to have expanded the business and continued to follow our passion for mountain biking and the great outdoors. Over the years we've competed in dozens of mountain bike races, gone on countless number of bikepacking trips, whitewater rafted through the Grand Canyon, and experienced the true wild Mexico on the Baja Divide. Through these amazing experiences we came up with our business motto — UnPredict Your Journey, because every day there are new journeys around the corner ready to be explored.

Rogue Journeymen

Since the business began almost 20 years ago, our mantra has stayed the same. We grew the business as a bike shop, then turned it into an adventure outpost, all the while continued to pursue our creative endeavors. We've always loved the idea of creating something unique by hand. In 2015, Rogue Journeymen was born. We put our creativity into leather goods and the brand embodies the essence of what we're all about — the spirit of finding your own way.

Rogue Journeymen carries the tagline Grizzly Bear Haute. It befits the brand to a T. We hand cut all of our leather pieces, hand dye them, and shape them only with hand tools. You won't find laser cut edges and machine perfect corners. Nothing is mass produced. Everything is hand made right here in our wooden cottage in Topanga, California. We're guided by our creativity and a desire to make something unique that people find unique and interesting.

Rogue Journeymen is mostly leather goods. We say "mostly" because 95% of the products are handmade by Andrew, our leather craftsman. We also work with an amazing wood craftsman who turns scrap guitar wood into clocks, candle holders, and incredible marble machines. We love it when people visit our store and be awed by the marble machine on display. Everyone turns into little kids with wide eyes as they watch the marbles go up then down through the different pathways. We welcome you to visit us in Topanga to feel and touch everything we make.