Saddle Peak Belt by Rogue Journeymen


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Handmade here in Topanga, California. Our signature Saddle Peak belt was inspired by cycling through Topanga and the Santa Monica Mountains in the evenings of our hottest months. Each belt is hand dyed individually and our holes are measured using a Phil Wood Spoke ruler so each hole is 10mm apart. Our signature RJ logo is stamped on the belt loop. No two are dyed the same!

*Please note LEFT/RIGHT - What side does your belt buckle hang when your belt is on?*

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Rogue Journeymen

Our belts are made out of Latigo leather from South America which is chrome tanned and then vegetable tanned. The nature of this combination of tanning creates a rigid and durable leather which is great for belts! Your choice of hardware. Antique brass, antique nickel, black, solid brass nickel, black roller and antique brass roller. Using traditional belt making tools and craftsmanship, our belts are one of a kind as you might have found in the 1800's. Hand-cut leather, riveted with a classic hand-rivet press, these wonderful belts are a step into history.

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