Hand made bracelets, each one is unique so no two are completely identical. For every bracelet purchased 10% of profits will be donated to the Direct Relief organization.

Product available for orders. We will contact you when we finishing making this item.

We make each bracelet one at a time entirely by hand. Because of our processes, each bracelet ends up being unique. We wanted to start selling these to help bring in some money to alleviate the stress on all of us here, but we also wanted to help our community. That's why for every bracelet purchased we'll donate 10% of our profit to the Direct Relief organization. Direct Relief works in the U.S. and internationally to equip doctors and nurses with life-saving medical resources to care for the world's most vulnerable people. During times like these, it's increasingly important to help each other out however we can. Let's face it, these are scary times, and we hope that all of you are doing your best to stay healthy.


Rogue Journeymen 


Large 9" is a very comfortable size that should fit most wrists

Small 8"  made for anyone with skinny wrists including youngsters

Shipping: $0.50 charge, to keep the cost down we will be shipping the bracelets in regular envelopes.