Concious Coasters with Patagonia of Santa Monica Banner

2 - 8 Weeks. We may need to make one for you. It will be a little different.

Judson from Patagonia Santa Monica is a good friend of ours, and he's sent us some banners that we could use for decorating coasters rather than polluting the oceans with. We're also using leather that is taken from parts of the hide that's less desirable to most leather craftspeople.This way we are taking materials that most people would overlook and re-purpose them to raise money for Direct Relief and help keep ourselves in Business.

Product available for orders. We will contact you when we finishing making this item.

We've been working with a few local businesses whom we know and love taking their banners that would have otherwise been scrapped to re-purpose. Arbor, Esker and SM Patagonia were more than happy to support this project and offered up everything from company banners to clothes and wetsuits. We took those materials and after quite a bit of development came up with a way to efficiently reuse the fabric to give our new coaster design a bit of flair. We've also made a point to use the parts of hide that are often discarded by fancier leather companies due to their small imperfections or irregularities. We think that these marks give the leather character, and our work a degree of wabi-sabi. 

As with everything else purchased on our store page, we will be donating a portion of sales to Direct Relief. Direct Relief is a non profit that primarily works to distribute medical goods and emergency supplies to any peoples in need around the world. Regardless of how much we raise for them we know that the money will be put to good use.