Another Visit to “the secret spot” on Skyline Drive

We took the outpost crew out to the secret spot on Skyline Drive in the Big Bear area. We drove up the forest road about 5 miles then hopped on the trail for above 5 additional miles of riding. We spent the night at “the spot” with a full moon, we didn’t even need head lamps! We ate coconut chicken alfredo in the moonlight, a very surreal experience. At the crack of dawn, we got up and made the POWER OOOOATS and packed up camp. We headed out to finish the rest of the eastbound Skyline Trail, eventually turning in at Snow Summit due to a trail closure. It all ended up working out in the end because half of us got to send it down the Snow Summit coyote trail, while the less risk-adverse took the Knickerbocker Trail into town.

We all ended up at the Himalayan Restaurant in town for some great food and a fitting end to an great overnight trip.