Nico’s Ride

Nico’s Ride. We honored our buddy Nico today with a mountain bike ride. Nico celebrated life to the fullest. Autism didn’t hold him back from the things he loved like mountain biking and our ride bike today celebrated that energy and enthusiasm. While losing a friend and loved one has been a horrible loss for everyone beyond words, celebrating a life well lived gives us some comfort and solace.

Nico’s Ride.

Autism didn’t stop our friend Nico from doing everything he loved especially mountain biking. Nico’s life journey ended a year ago on a bike ride through Topanga. We had just chatted about going bikepacking in the future but it will have to be in another lifetime. Our buddy Nico lived life to the fullest and we miss him dearly. Last year in his honor his family sponsored a bike ride for at risk kids to have an adventure. This year is a very small ride Friday leaving from the shop. (meet at 11) and a fundraiser for Autism research. Please donate $50 and sponsor yourself or a stranger to ride. We will supply the bikes. Anyone who brings a bike and donates $50 anyway gets a t-shirt or something fun from us or @roguejourneymen . We want to support the cause. #nicosride Email us for details and a link to UCLA for donations or check our Facebook page. Or click below.


Working with Pendleton Wool.

We added Pendleton Wool to the mix today and are elated with the results.   Leather, Military wax canvas and Pendleton Wool are some of our favorite things.

Salsa ran an ad and Topanga Creek Outpost patches are in it….

We were thumbing through a copy of the bicycle trade magazine, Bicycle Retailer and Industry News and found an advertisement for Salsa Cycles – The full page photo in the ad was of a bikepacking bag ridden on the Tour Divide from our friends at District Bicycles with a couple Topanga Creek Outpost patches. Pretty fun to see our patches and logo in print in the wild.

Book Report……

We stop for some poetry during the Saturday ride as often as Chris remembers to bring some literature. (Topanga is different from everywhere). This week was Robert Frost’s “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening.” After a couple poem readings we began chatting about literature and how Cliff notes got a lot of us through High School we chatted how the Classics are classics for a reason. One thing led to another and now Kafka’s Metamorphosis is the book report assignment for next Saturday’s ride. The only question is: “Did Gregor turn into a bug or did he go crazy?” Go get a copy!