A random few photos from Saturday in Topanga with Outpost.

A few handmade bits of interest at the Outpost. Curated Journeymen.

Honor System Secret Door

Honor System

For the past few years we’ve had this secret door at the side of our front gate for those of you that are roadies and are unfortunate enough to get a flat while riding out in the canyon and we happened to be closed. Your prayers have been answered and we now have an honor system setup through Paypal (Our paypal is topangacreek@me.com) with exact prices labeled in each baggie that you can pay us through. We’ve also got a pump in there that you can inflate your tires with, we hope you never get a flat, but if you do, this secret door is always open for you.HnFront of Topanga Honor System Secret Door Behind the gnome P1100486 Front Gate.  Door on Right

Jay’s New Custom Gunnar Crosshairs

Jay has been riding his Gunnar Crosshairs for several years now and has loved every minute of it. 2016 came, and he felt it deserved a refresh. So we stripped it down to the frame & fork and sent it out to our good friends at Gunnar Cycles for a completely new paint job. They took cues and suggestions with what Jay was going for and created something absolutely stunning. The level of detail is out of this world. Thank you Gunnar Cycles  & Waterford Bikes for an amazing job.

P1100442 P1100445 P1100449 P1100451 P1100456 P1100466 P1100468 P1100477 P1100479 P1100480 P1100482