What is your riding goal?

Saturday Rides January 29, 830 (show up 15-30 minutes early). Everyday someone asks us if the Saturday rides will be fast and or hilly and or both. Here is the answer: There will be hills and the ride will be as fast as you go. Come along and enjoy Topanga Canyon. We want our customers to enjoy their biking in our neighborhood.

Saturday, January 15. 830 AM

The weather and conditions up here are fantastic, finally. That rain is over.? YEE HA.??? We will do a ride from the shop on Saturday?and have two groups.? And, the ride will have hills.? And, when we say hills, we are not goofing (?We are?often asked to mention the hills, so here it is).?? The less aggressive group will go up the hills slower, the more aggressive group will go up the hils faster and back down faster.?? As usual, everyone is always worried about being last.? Don’t worry about it, who actually cares???

Meet up at 800-815 and will will leave sharply at 830, the shop has to open at 1100, so you can plan.? Sometimes some people want to ride a bit longer.??

Topanga Creek Bicycles Saturday Ride Photo

Topanga Creek Bicycles Saturday Ride Photo