Janet stopped by and we discussed bikes. Talk of a Salsa Marrakesh permeated the conversation and after a test ride it was determined that the Salsa Marrakesh was the right bike.

Rover closed the deal with Rika. His puppy dog eyes are a tough act to avoid.

Corey wanted a bike to go everywhere including some longer adventures. Here is Corey with his new Surly Disc Trucker.

Visiting our brethren at Overlook Bicycles in Woodstock, NY.

Chris needed to help his mom in New York State so took an extra day to visit our amazing friends at their extraordinary shop in Woodstock, NY.    Overlook Mountain Bicycles is practically us.    The vibe, the place, the neighborhood and the climb they sent Chris on is very much Topanga Canyon/Topanga Creek Outpost-like.   Absolutely visit them if you on the East Coast.  Rent a bike and climb to the abandoned hotel and lookout.   Incredible.

9 Days of Topanga Creek Outpost.

We have had a lot happening lately and realized we hadn’t made a blog post for about 9 days, so here is a catch up.    Besides selling a handful of bikes and having  rentals plus people doing the loop in Topanga for the first time, we have also had a couple adventures.

Thomas, who used to live in the area and we stayed with when we went to Eurobike, was in town for a couple days.  When he arrived on Tuesday we basically kidnapped him into camping with us in the Los Padres National Forest.  We went up to Pine Mountain (with Rover) and camped.     After a normal camping breakfast, we hiked for UnPredict Your Wednesday into the forest.    Super fun adventure including some trail blazing.

Saturday’s shop ride was the grueling climb up Red Rock because Scott (Now Scott 2.1) was doing his first ride on his new single speed Surly Karate Monkey.     The views were amazing and we had a poetry reading on the top.

More bike sales and stuff led us to Tuesday this week when we went to Big Bear camping and riding with Alexandre on his first adventure like this.   We found a great area up around Skyline Trail and camped in the middle of nowhere.  Stars in the sky and noone around.      In the morning we road the amazing trail above Big Bear for UnPredict Your Wednesday.

Here are photos of all of this in random order mixing up the adventures……