Meet Dave.

Hello my name is Dave and i somehow managed to land a job (doesn’t feel like a job though) at the most awesome place ever!
I’ve been in the industry for 12+ years and this is definitely a milestone to be apart the TCO family. I love anything that is
related to bikes and the people that ride them. So just a little bit about myself , I grew up in South Florida and was super into skateboarding but inevitably had to quit as i got older due to getting broken too many times. I then found out about road bikes and track bikes. Got into track cycling and doing crits , got into a bad crash on a track bike and was told that i shouldn’t ride bikes any more due to my injury. I immediately disregarded the doctors advice and kept riding my bike. Then i got into mountain bikes and thats when things got real. Up until recently i lived in Tempe Arizona and cut my teeth on the rugged Arizona trails and the rest is history . You can usually spot me from afar due to the lack of both wheels being on the ground and the excessively loud bike (visually and audibley).
I look forward to riding and working on anyone and everyone’s bike/s.

UnPredict Your Wednesday…….

We took off for a quick bikepacking adventure after the shop closed on Tuesday for Mount Wilson.   Our new mechanic, Dave Conklin and our buddy Nate experienced bikepacking for the first time.    Everyone and Rover had an absolute blast.