Saturday in Topanga, Sunday in Cheeseboro.

Saturday, November 27.  We will do our regular Saturday Ride from the bike shop.  Show up about 815 and we will leave at 830 for about a 2 hour ride.  Depending on the group, we might split into a faster group and more casual group.   Remember, no matter what, Topanga has some hills and it has been cold up here lately. 

Sunday, November 28.     – Ride at Chesebro.   We will do a fun, relaxing, fire road and a little trail ride in Cheeseboro.  (They spell it differently at the state park and exit, I am trying to use all the spellings)  We will ride at 10 AM on Sunday from the upper parking area.  (Take the 101 Frwy North from L.A. to the Chesebro exit and make a right turn. Pass the gas stations and make a right at the next stop sign. After a mile or so you will come to the parking lot for Cheeseboro State  Park, head up to the upper parking lot.)

Riding in the Santa Monica Mountains