UnPredict Your Wednesday

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Chris and Ryan (NuNu from the Hollywood days) went to Big Bear for UnPredict Your Wednesday.   It was Ryan’s first time bikepacking and just escaping to UnPredict a night.   Super success.  They camped in the middle of nowhere after riding into the forest.     Spending the day on the Big Bear Skyline trail was as spectacular as always.


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Custom Surly 1×1

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After being passed off by several shops in the area when he inquired about a custom bike that he’s been wanting to build for years, Nick gave us a call and explained what he was thinking about doing, and we immediately started the build sheet for him.

Based off a Surly 1×1, he had it powder-coated and we built it up with parts of his choosing. It came out stunning!

Rogue Journeymen Turns One

Rogue Journeymen

Rogue Journeymen is coming up on its 1 year anniversary next month. We’ve learned and grown immensely from our beginnings with making valet trays out of leather for holiday gifts. The idea behind Rogue Journeymen began during our annual trade show in Las Vegas, NV last September when we were speaking with our friends at Brooks on how to make the saddles sold through the Outpost unique to us, since they were also easily available online. As the months went by, we kept the idea of handmade leather/wood gifts in the back of our heads until around December. Being in the bicycle industry, we have to constantly innovate and keep up with the times, if not, products and genres change and leave us in the dust. Understanding that we had to think outside the box in order to stay in business, Rogue Journeymen was born. What started with a handful of prototype leather valet trays, has evolved into an entirely separate business that has been catering from high volume wholesale hand made goods to personal and unique one-off works. Thank you everyone who has supported our venture, here’s to another year of locally crafted goods!