Sunday, May 2…..Wednesdays & Fridays…..

We are doing our regular ride on Sunday at 9:00 into Topanga State Park.  Show up about 830/845 so we can leave at 9AM.       3 ish hours, and random trails plus fire roads.   We like to vary the Sunday Ride.   It is supposed to be fun and something for everyone.  

We are also planning to do a Wednesday ride and a Friday ride.  We have had a lot of people not make it on Sundays, and two more days gives all of us more riding…..

Ride from the shop (Sunday, April 18) 9AM

Sunday’s ride is aimed at everyone.    Will they wait for me, what if I am last?  Are there knarly down hills?    Is it technical?    Can I ride my old bike?   Will at least one person be slower than me?   Can I go fast?  Can I go slow?  Is is rocky? bumpy? scary?  scary fun?   Will they wait for me?   Can I make it?….So, if you are asking your self any of these questions, please show up because the answer is yes, and everyone is asking the same questions.  830 – 845 so we can leave at 9AM.    Oh, and it is Earthday up in Topanga.