Father’s Day Sale….

Father's Day


We stopped by the shop between Bikepacking trips to make some money so we can go back out. We are here for the next three days selling off anything left that is also available on Amazon. We aren’t keeping it around anymore. We are also selling last year model bikes cheaper. 9 Speed Surlys, Niner Jet 9 demo, Pivot demos, Fargos, Rohloff Fargo, Lapierre, clothing, all small annoying parts, TCB Jerseys, cranks, derailleurs, rims, you get the idea. Perfect for dad. Or just give him permission to drop some dough. That is what he wants.

UnPredict Your Wednesday in Big Bear

Our posse of bikepackers


On Tuesday night after the shop closed, we drove up to Big Bear from Topanga and various areas of Los Angeles.    We parked sorta near the lake and loaded our gear on our various bikes.   Jay on a Salsa Mariachi, Chris on a Surly ECR, Both John and Mario of Salsa Fargos, Paul on a Giant (He’s getting a new bike), and Armand on a Salsa Vaya with mountain tires (27.5).   We rode up a dirt road and into the National Forest.  After about an hour of riding, we found a flat area ideal for camping and made camp.  Armand in a bivvy, Jay in a hammock and the rest in tents.    Derek showed up on a Surly ECR and tent.    We drink some sodas and beer and chatted for an hour or so.  Because we were virtually in the middle of nowhere, we did build a fire. The air was warm enough to relax and not be cold.   In the morning, we made some coffee, ate some breakfast, and headed further into the forest.   Up hill at first, and we made our way to Skyline Drive.    Derek knew about the amazing singletrack that goes to the right of the fire road.   We were blown away at how amazing the trail was.  The views were fantastic.   Unimaginably fantastic.      We were like giddy school kids on the trail.    After the fun new trail, we headed down into Big Bear and filled up water at the Walgreens.   After that we crossed the lake, which is now grass because of the drought, and headed a bit East to start climbing the hills on the other side of the lake.      Paul knew where the PCT crossed, because  he had just been hiking there.   In fact, after the slug of a climb, we sat and chilled at the second PCT crossing for a little lunch stop.    One more slog of a climb and we found ourselves at the really fun Fawnskin Trail.    (Chris was exhausted, FYI).    Once the single track was done, we were down by the lake and had to go around 1/2 of it to where we parked.     We made our way to the various vehicles and went to get Rover who had taken a couple days off and was with Eric.   An ideal UnPredict Your Wednesday.