Saturday, October 30th. (Shine, not rain)

830 AM   Saturday, October 30.  

Topanga Canyon

We are going to ride from the bike shop in Topanga to the trails of Topanga State Park or the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy Recreation area. The ride lasts about 2 hours and is sometimes determined by the people who show up. We like to remind everyone that mountain biking generally includes mountains, which means h…ills. We will leave the shop at 8:30, so show up around 8:15. Scott is doing a no-stop ride with hills, and Chris and Eric will take it easier with stops to catch up and take photos.

Saturday, October 23

We are hosting a BBQ after the screening of Ride The Divide around 1;30-2PM.   The movie is at 9:30, (see the information below.)   After, head to the shop and we are having a mid day BBQ.   And, if there is interest, a few people have said they will ride about 3PM into the park. Because the bicycle shop is open in the afternoon, the ride should be less structured, considering Chris, Scott and Eric wont be able to ride.   So, come by and show off the trails to the Salsa Crew for us.  

Ride The Divide Film Screening

Ride The Divide is an award-winning feature film about the world’s toughest mountain bike race Tour Divide that went along the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains. It started from Banff, Canada and ended near the Mexican border totalling over 2700 miles. The LA screening of this amazing and inspiring documentary presented by Salsa Cycles will take place on October 23rd followed by a bike ride with the Salsa guys. The proceeds will benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation. We are especially excited about the race next year because one of our great shop friends and an endurance cyclist Errin will be racing in it. See below for more event info.

Screening information:

Saturday, October 23 · 9:30am – 12:00pm
Laemmle Theaters 4-plex, Santa Monica
1332 2nd St
Santa Monica, CA


click here to purchase tickets online.

Mountain Bike ride that follows:

Meet at Topanga Creek Bicycles and then ride into Topanga State Park with the Salsa guys. Also a great chance to check out the cool new Salsa bikes.

Saturday, October 2

Topanga Creek Bicycles

Topanga Creek Bicycles Saturday’s ride will leave from the shop at 830 and head into the park. Like usually it will be a few hills and a fun crowd. Various levels of terrain including at least one climb out of the canyon. Being at the shop between 8-8:15 is great. And, a quick reminder to everyone, we are a bike shop and want to s…ell bikes, gear, and various merchandise to stay in business for a long time. So, if you are going to buy a waterbottle, hydration system or anything like that specifically because you are going to ride with us, please wait and buy it from us, hopefully stop in Thursday or Friday and get ready.

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