Surly Pack Rat Portage Bags Hand Made in Topanga….

How does hoarding ice cream fit into this post, you wonder? We (the TCO handmade leather canvas goods division Rogue Journeymen ) get excited and motivated about designing and making new products like Packrack Bags. Why for that bike and not others?…. Our buddy Trevor from The Official Intergalactic Surly Regional HQ is the dude. As Surly was kicking off the Packrat Trevor called us for a big project. We took a trip across Catalina Island with him and Aimee and Spencer exactly when the bike was released into the world. Our motley crew took the boat out to the island for a few days, camped, rode Packrats, bikepacked and had lots of fun. It was the Surly Packrat’s first big adventure anywhere and we were excited to be part of it. Andrew hasn’t let go of his. He rides it everywhere and is particularly fond of gathering pints of ice cream late at night. Andrew is an ice cream Pack Rat. Anyway, last week Nic wanted a Pack Rat with a Rogue Journeymen bag so we made him one. Naturally, Andrew wants one for collecting ice cream and we are on our game. Pack Rat Bag making is happening, we can stop. We are sorta collecting them. Here are some photos……

Thanks for the pics

@analogstrikesback captured some great photos of the Outpost this week while he was along for the adventure as @dznuthouse did a pit stop during Gravel Camp. @dzabriskie and @rsteers are bringing riders on gravel bike trips to Topanga and the Santa Monica Mountains with a pit stop at the Outpost for banana bread and coffee. When photographers like Ian stop by we are always curious to see what captures their eye. What images are compelling to someone who photographs professionally? Here are some shots. We are super appreciative and kinda stoked the @roguejourneymen tools, products and essence were on his radar. It’s happening. Thanks Ryan, Dave and Ian!

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