Salsa Demo Day, BBQ and Baja Divide Slide Show

We had a great evening.    The Topanga Chamber of Commerce annual mixer morphed into a Salsa Demo, BBQ for lots and lots of people, plus Chris did a slideshow on the Baja Divide.

Shop family photo.

  • Lineage since 1999. If you visited us at our original location in Hollywood or now in Topanga one of the guys at Wednesday night’s BBQ built your wheels or helped you. Scott Ryan and Tanner Chris Eric Jay and Jeovany had a shop family reunion last night during the BBQ representing our continuous staff since 1999 tag teaming each other as they headed to new adventures while still being a lifetime part of the staff shop family. The big question now is who will be standing to the right of Jay in the next family photo as he heads out on his next life adventure in June. #shopfamily #topangacreekoutpost

45nrth.davidOh man, I remember the old days when Scott was there and you had recently moved from Hollywood!


Saturday in Topanga at the Outpost and our shop ride in Topanga State Park.

The day was just ideal for mountain biking in Topanga State Park.

We received a bunch of Rogue Journeymen shirts today.

Random bikes are always all over the place.

People who think we are just a bunch of hippies in Topanga tie-dying shirts might have been here today or a day like it.

Topanga view of the Pacific Ocean from Parker Mesa.

Dave picked up his single speed purple Surly Karate Monkey before the shop ride and took it on its inaugural adventure.

Our Saturday ride. Terrific weather today.


We took Cheney to Eagle Rock and then out to Parker Mesa Overlook.

It was a beautiful ride to Parker Mesa Overlook

Rogue Journeymen Camera Straps are at the Outpost


@intergalacticsurlybikes and joined forces with us, @yawp_cyclery @hubbikecoopmpls and @revoltingcogs for a challenge. Basically ride in a circle, prove it in an app and get some swag. @l_flaws motives and gets it started. But, note, they only started us off with one notepad. Probably to see if we could do it. We did. Here is the proof. So, @intergalacticsurlybikes show us some more notebooks buddies! #surly #surlybikes #blackriver #unpredictyourjourney #topangacreekoutpost