NEW BIKE DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirk gets a Surly Bridge Club
Nancy gets this amazing custom Surly Disc Trucker.  Jeovany spent a lot of time with her planning every detail including the custom wheels.    SON dyno hubs.
David was ready for a new Surly Crosscheck and stopped by the shop hoping we might have heard of Surly and could guide him.  Here he is with his new bike.
Adam stopped in late in the day and test rode a couple bikes.   He picked the Surly Straggler to go home with.  Fun Bike.  

Saturday Ride – Or Rained Out?

We don’t do a Saturday ride when there is rain.  We don’t plan to ride when there is a 30 percent chance of rain.     We really don’t want to get wet.  This is Southern California and we just don’t go outside on the 4 days of the year when it rains.        We are terrified.      We also like a couple Saturday mornings off when it is cold and damp.   

We have had a couple rides lately.      Chris was ready with mittens.