Leather tote bag / Musette. Hand made in our cabin in Topanga

We have been working on leather tote bags. Here is a quick video on the process. We make the bags completely from scratch in our cabin in Topanga. First we press out the leather from the hides, measure , glue edges to keep them down while we sew and sew the bags inside out so the seams are tucked away. After we sand down and burnish the handles we press them on with copper rivets. We use the absolute best leather for this type of project. The bags are sturdy and amazing. Lifetime bags.

What kind of leather? Always the best we can find.

We are intentional and source the best possible leather for all our projects.

Pebbled leather is stylish and versatile that adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to a wide range of fashion accessories and products. We are using pebble leather for these bags inside and out. Its unique texture, combined with its durability and low-maintenance nature, makes it a terrific choice.