Jules cooking a camping meal at Jamala with normal ingredients while bikepacking

Jules made an amazing dinner during our adventure. Sweet potato purée, nutritional yeast, veggie stock, black pepper, white miso and Poblano chilis Sauce. Tossed in macaroni with lean ground turkey sprinkled with avocado and crushed cashew. So basically Jules level Mac and cheese.

Bikepacking Update: We rode from Topanga Creek Outpost up to Chatsworth at 6:30 and jumped on the 8 AM @amtrak Surfliner toward the Surf Lompoc station and quickly realized the dirt roads we expected to explore are on a military base and off limits. Unfazed we figured we would ride around the base which meant through beautiful downtown Lompoc, California. We literally had no idea where we might ride thinking we would end up in Goleta for a 1 PM train back on Tuesday but it turned out so much dirt is closed to the public we were naturally funneled to camp at Jamala Beach which turned out to be spectacular and a bit windy so we asked for spot near shrubs. Worked out great. The beachside store had firewood and we scavenged for wood abandoned at other sites. Jules had planned a spectacular dinner of pasta with a veggie sauce and ground Turkey. Breakfast was his signature nut butter with oatmeal/chia. We took our time because we rebooked ourselves to the 5:20 train which we ended up rushed to catch only to have a heart stopping moment of an earlier train late and passed up by. A final late ride from the Chatsworth station and we got back to Topanga around 11 PM exhausted and ready for more adventures.