Humanity exists….

? It’s all about humanity. Giant thanks to Michael. Here is the back story…….Obviously we operate differently from most businesses. @onion.sauce will always say he’s a person and adventurer long before bike shop owner and would rather interact on a personal level. Our whole ethos is treating people like family. Last summer when Michael and his wife visited Topanga because they were @surlybikes curious, they happened into the shop at an extraordinarily busy moment where a dozen or so people happened to show up at the same time. Instead of overwhelming ourselves, Chris made a loud announcement and took everyone who wanted to explore on a walking road trip to @theatricum_botanicum for 30 minutes to explore the Shakespeare Theatre and grounds. Friendships were made and a good time had. Everyone at the shop rebooted, a few people in a hurry were accommodated and everyone maintained a smile. We turned a potentially stressful moment into a great moment. Micheal and his wife smiled a lot on the walking road trip and he picked up a Long Haul Trucker the next week. That waking road trip where we were human beings was key. Michael stops by and catches up and when we were evacuated for the fires late last year he was one of the first people who called to place a deposit on a Surly Midnight Special that he picked up yesterday to get us up and running again. We are so moved by people like this and trying to run a business and be human beings sometimes isn’t the best busy planning but in the big picture it is absolutely the greatest. Gratitude to our shop family with people like Micheal. ??