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Poler Stuff (@polerstuff) publishes the Camp Vibes Communique and interviewed an artist Hannes Wingate, ( Instagram @hanneswingate) who had the following spectacular quote in the current issue, “Somewhere along the way, we stepped out of nature and started thinking about nature as a place. It’s as though we think we’ve stepped above it, … we thought of nature as separate from us and at the same time we put paradise somewhere else…..but I think paradise was already here, it was always here…..” Hannes is so right. How did we make nature a place to go to occasionally? Why do we separate it so much from our lives as a place to drive to and find rarely. And, how come we don’t celebrate being surrounded by nature all the time. If you are in Topanga we have some copies of the issue in its entirety. #unpredictyourwednesday is hiking this week. Join in. Nature. Immerse yourself. It’s Paradise right here and now.IMG_6200

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