UnPredict Your Wednesday at Mount Pinos

Chris and Jay took off after the shop closed on Tuesday and drove the a trailhead at Mount Pinos. They road to a primitive site in the dark for over two hours and camped. Getting up in the morning, the kept riding and then jumped in the team vehicle for another mountain. More riding and camping. Epic views and adventure.


Read to ride

ready to go

night ride to the site

lost again.

inside the tent

oatmeal breakfast

Circa 1970


Mount Pinos Camping area

Sheep camp at Mount Pinos

Chris and Jay with gear

Ready to go

Jay with lunch

Chris making more coffee

Jones and Jay

The valley

Jay at a view

riding around some dirt roads

Fargo and Jones Bike

View from the camping area

Cool photo


Dinner and dessert

Primitive camping

Jay looks forward to eating

Camping at Pinos

Morning in Mount Pinos