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Free Bike Fitting with Bike Purchase

We got you covered if you need a taller Surly steerer tube

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TCO Leather Frame Bags

Available for Surly Bikes

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Adventure Field Log

TCO leather tote bags

Leather tote bag / Musette. Hand made in our cabin in Topanga

We have been working on leather tote bags. Here is a quick video on the process. We make the bags completely from scratch in our cabin in Topanga. First we press out the leather from the hides, measure, glue edges to keep them down while we sew and sew the bags inside out so the seams are tucked away. After we sand down and burnish the handles we press them on with copper rivets.

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Bicycle loaded with gear ready for bikepacking

Bikepacking 101. Three methods to get you started

Bikepacking is a fun way to escape for a long trip or just for an overnight with your gear on your bike. We like to go on adventures frequently and do a lot of short trips for just one or two nights from the bike shop. There is not a right way or a wrong to go bikepacking because everyone and every bike are different. Every place to go is different, meals are different for all of us and how we get to the trails or roads is different.

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Bikepacking in Mount Wilson

My First Bikepacking Experience - Mount Wilson and the Mount Lowe Trail

By Maxwell Lehrich. The hour I touched down in Los Angeles California, was the same hour I would be preparing for what would soon be my first bikepacking trip. I arrived at Topanga Outpost, we immediately looked through Chris' checklist of packing supplies, we packed food to cook, cooking supplies, basic toiletries, tents/hammocks, as well as some other camping essentials, but most importantly, water, lots of it.

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What's Happening

We are a Surly's Destination Shop

We are one of Surly's oldest stocking dealers in So Cal and US. We love Surly because they love everything creative, think outside the box and are quirky in their own way. We also love Surly for believing and delivering these core values in their products - reliability, utility and versatility. At TCO, all bike purchase comes with a professional fitting for the best frame fit and comfort. Visit our Surly page.

Yard whirligig with shop dog Rover design

Why choose Topanga Creek Outpost

In business since 1999, we have created a small community for mountain bikers and adventurous cyclists here in Topanga Canyon. Situated on the outskirts of Los Angeles, our location offers a unique experience like no other. The Outpost is half bike shop which we're known for, and half creative space that's full of handmade artisan products. More reason to choose TCO.

The latest Surly Karate Monkey in Peach Salmon Sunday and Surly Krampus in Nose Drip Curry

Make an appointment for your bike customization

If you have a dream bike in mind to build from the frame up, or simply want to swap out the handlebar to something more comfortable, we can work with you to tailor the bike to fit your needs. With over two decades of experience working with various frame manufacturers and quality components, we will ensure your next bike creation is made with high degree of aesthetics and functions. Make an appointment or visit our Custom Builds page for more info.

Topanga Creek Outpost main entrance

Who are are and what we do

Topanga Creek Outpost has been in business since 1999. We constantly evolve to keep up with the times and even expanded into the leather goods business to pursue our creative endeavors. But we have never wavered from our ethos - provide products that carry intrinsic good value and quality that's not based on price or hpye, but rather longevity and durability. Learn more about who we are.

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