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From Revelate, Oveja Negra, Apidura, and more

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Snow Peak

Outdoor lifestyle and camping gear from Japan

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The latest Surly Karate Monkey in Peach Salmon Sunday and Surly Krampus in Nose Drip Curry

New Surly bikes are here

The latest Surly Karate Monkey in Peach Salmon Sunday and Surly Krampus in Nose Drip Curry are in stock at TCO. Karate Monkey is one of the most versatile trail bikes you'll find out there. Krampus is a true legend in the 29+ genre if you want that improved ride experience. Both are available now. Visit our inventory page for more info.

Saturday shop ride

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There's always something fun and adventurous happening at the Outpost. Whether we're bikepacking, camping, or crafting belts on the Belt Brigade fire truck, the best way to find out what we're up to is on our social media. Follow us on Instagram, TikTok @bikepacker, TikTok @beltbrigade, Facebook, and Twitter.

We are Surly's Destination Shop

We have been one of Surly's biggest stocking dealers in So Cal for over a decade. We love Surly because they love everything creative, think outside the box and are quirky in their own way. We also love Surly for believing and delivering these core values in their products - reliability, utility and versatility. At TCO, all bike purchase comes with a professional fitting for the best frame fit and comfort. Visit our Surly page.

Surly Midnight Special

Make an appointment for your next bike purchase

When you're ready to purchase your next touring bike, mountain bike or custom build, we recommend that you make an appointment first so we can allocate uninterrupted time with you to address any specific needs you may have and carry out a full complimentary bike fitting if needed. Click here to make an appointment.

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