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Rogue Journeymen

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Surly Midnight Special

Make an appointment for your next bike purchase

When you're ready to purchase your next touring bike, mountain bike or custom build, we recommend that you make an appointment first so we can allocate uninterrupted time with you to address any specific needs you may have and carry out a full complimentary bike fitting if needed. Additionally, we'll include a $100 voucher good toward accessories and gift items at the shop when you purchase a bicycle by appointment. Click here to make an appointment.

Rogue Journeymen canvas bag

Rogue Journeymen carries canvas bags

We have taken our creative endeavor beyond just leather goods. Rogue Journeymen now has backpacks and bags that are inspired by the vintage canvas bags with leather base and straps. Some bags have Pendleton Wool integrated into the design as well. Visit our store in Topanga to see the latest. Read more.

An awesome bikepacking video from our customer

Watch this awesome bikepacking video

Our customer Lev Kamalov rented a couple of fully-loaded Surly Ogre bikepacking bikes from us and went on an awesome adventure. Watch their amazing video and be super inspired to plan your next bikepacking trip. Here's more info about our bikepacking bike rental program.

Topanga Creek Outpost Blog / Field Log

Rover says you should read our blog

Did you know we've had a blog, aka the Field Log, since 2008 and we actually keep it current all the time? Rover got the word that people couldn't find it on the website so he wants to make sure everyone knows what the link is. Well here it is: THE BLOG. Our blog won't bore you with lots of reading because pictures often tell great stories as well. Read our blog.

Surly awesome guy Trevor

Catalina Island adventure with Trevor from Surly

Surly launched their brand new bike The Pack Rat in December. To put these bikes to the test, our good friend Trevor from Surly and we planned a 3-day bikepacking adventure across the Catalina Island. Trevor flew out from Minneapolis with 5 Pack Rats and we had the most amazing time together — riding, camping, laughting and the general shenanigans. Read Trevor's blogpost about the adventure.

Chris on Baja Divide ride

We are your bikepacking and bike touring store

We are the bike touring and bikepacking destination store to get you on the right bike and proper equipment so you can focus on the fun part — exploring. With 15+ years of experience and customer feedback, at TCO you'll end up with a quality touring bicycle, as well as parts and gears that are durable, long-lasting, and backed by full manufacturer warranties. We also stock touring racks, bikepacking bags and much more. Read more.

Surly World Troller

We are Surly's Destination Shop

We have been one of Surly's biggest stocking dealers for over a decade. Surly is a great fit for us because we love everything creative, always think outside the box and are quirky in our own way. Surly is one of those brands that truly believes in and consistently delivers the core values in their products - reliability, utility and versatility. Visit our shop to see many of their bike models on the floor. All bike purchase comes with a professional fitting for the best frame fit. Visit our Surly page.

Saturday morning shop ride

Saturday Shop Ride

Our weekly Saturday mountain bike ride starts at 8:00 a.m. and it's open to everyone. There are lots of flowy fireroads and fun single tracks with multiple climbs so be prepared for a great workout. We leave from the shop for Topanga State Park and the ride is about 2 to 2.5 hours long. Just show up with your bike and gear, have some fun in the dirt, and then hang out to meet new people afterwards. Sign up for our newsletter below, follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get the latest info.

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