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In addition to bicycles and bikepacking accessories, we also carry TCO apparel and many non-bike related items. We love artistic creations and things that are unique with good intrinsic values. We strive to make Topanga Creek Outpost a wonderful and unique experience for everyone. Come see us soon.

Topanga Creek Outpost Apparel

Pick up a Topanga Creek Outpost t-shirt or sweatshirt on your next visit. We commission various artists to be creative with the designs so there's always something fun to choose from.

Latest designs

Topanga Creek Outpost bikepacking logo tee. Also available as sweatshirt.
Topanga Creek Outpost classic round logo tee.
Rogue Journeymen Belt Brigade hatchet logo tee.

Leather Goods

Rogue Journeymen is our leather goods brand where we get to exercise our creativity and hand make all kinds of leather products. Popular items are belts, valet trays, wallets, and messenger bags. We also work with other medium such as waxed canvas and wood to create all kinds of fun products.

Rogue Journeymen leather belts
Rogue Journeymen portfolio cover
Rogue Journeymen shoulder bags

Other Gift Items

At the Outpost You'll find unique gift items such as Blackwing Pencils and stationery. A list of known users of these highly revered pencils includes John Steinbeck, Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein and cartoon artist Chuck Jones. You'll also fine beautifully handcrafted coffee mugs made by local ceramic artisan, and Opinel knives that are made in France.

French-made Opinel folding knives
Blackwing 602 Pencil box
Handmade ceramic coffee mugs by local artisan

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