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We Are Southern California's Bicycle Touring Store

For over a decade we have been helping people to go on cycling adventures. We are also very fortunate to UnPredict Our Wednesday to experience many amazing microadventures ourselves. So when it comes to cycling gear we can confidently help you make the right choice when you purchase from us.

We carry multiple brands of touring and bikepacking bikes. In stock you'll also find lots of bikepacking frame bags, seat bags, handlebar bags, pannier racks and more. Many items are made right here in the U.S. with highest quality and craftsmanship to take you anywhere you want to go. We have co-branded with many manufacturers so the items are unique to us. Come check out the latest TCO Bags made by Swift Industries.

Bikepacking Gear and Accessories

    • Revelate Frame Bags
    • Revelate Seat Bags
    • Revelate Handlebar Bags
    • Revelate Toptube Bags
    • Oveja Negra Frame Bags
    • Oveja Negra Seat Bags
    • Oveja Negra Top Tube Bags
    • Oveja Negra Handlebar Bags
    • Oveja Negra Fork Bags
    • TCO Handlebar Bags by Swift
    • TCO Saddle Bags by Swift
    • TCO Panniers by Swift
    • Apidura Frame Packs
    • Apidura Saddle Packs
    • Apidura Top Tube Packs
    • Apidura Handlebar Packs
    • More info
    • Bedrock Frame Bags
    • Bedrock Seat Bags
    • Bedrock Handlebar Bags
    • Surly Frame Bags
    • Surly Racks
    • Surly 8-Pack/24-Pack Rack
    • Surly Moloko bar
    • Salsa Frame Bags
    • Salsa Anything Bag
    • Salsa Anything Cage
    • Salsa Racks

Road Touring Gear

For road touring we carry a wide selection of pannier and cargo racks for your next adventure. We stock Surly and Salsa racks that are versatile and durable. We also stock Tubus Racks that is known for their strong yet lightweight racks.

Available racks are:

  • Surly Front Rack
  • Surly Rear Rack
  • Surly Rear Disc Rack
  • Surly 8-Pack Rack
  • Surly 24-Pack Rack
  • Tubus Cargo Rack
  • Tubus Cargo Evo Rack
  • Tubus Logo Rack
  • Tubus Cosmo Rack
  • Tubus Disco Rack
  • Salsa Alternator Rack
  • Salsa Wanderlust Rack
  • Salsa Anything Cage
Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bike

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