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Bikepacking has been a great passion of ours. To pursue that passion we close the shop every Wednesday and make it an "UnPredict Your Wednesday". After we close the shop on Tuesday evening we pack up our mountain bikes with tent, camping gear, food and coffee, and then leave for an overnight adventure out in one of the State Parks around us.

Most trips are bikepacking in nature but we do change it up every now and then. The adventure usually starts with a one- to three-hour car or train ride to the general area where we want to go. We then jump on our bikes and ride for another two or three hours into the wilderness to find a campground to spend the night. We spend the next day riding, hiking and exploring the trails to our heart's content. If there's too much fun to be had we sometimes camp out for another night. It all depends on what we're in the mood for. We have also flown to other cities to UnPredict our Wednesday.

We hope our adventures will inspire you to go and explore what's out there. If you're new to bikepacking and are not yet ready to purchase all the necessary gear, we have available as a rental a fully equipped adventure bike ready for bikepacking. We also stock a full range of bikepacking gear for purchase.

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