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Intergalactic Surly Day Campout

It's hard to believe that Surly turned 21 in September. That's equivalent to 14.3 in human years. To celebrate this celestial event, Surly Destination Shops (special Surly dealers with strong Surly culture like us) from around the world organized epic bike rides and threw all-out parties that involved chaos and mayhem, in ways that Surly was proud of.

For us, a bike ride just wasn't enough for this special event. Afterall, Surly did name the Ogre Rover Brown after our shop dog Rover. We rented out two group campsites in Mount Pinos and invited our customers for a 3-day campout in the Los Padres National Forest, about 2 hours north of Los Angeles.

We were very honored to have Paul Zeigle, the guy who practically started Surly 21 years ago and now runs Surly Bikes, fly out from Minneapolis and join us for the fun.

The weekend was filled with lots of mountain biking in the beautiful pine forest. After the Sun disappeared, we turned outselves into teenagers by playing sardines hide and seek in total darkness. As the moon peeked through the treetops, we listened to super sick guitar playing and unforgettable folk songs by the campfire.

We all agree that it was one magical weekend in Mount Pinos.

For Surly, the birthday party one ginormous success with over 150 organized Surly bike rides on this special Intergalactic Surly Day. Happy birthday Surly!

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