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Available positions at the Outpost

Job Title: Head Mechanic and Adventurer

Availability: Full time or part time

Job Description

The ideal candidate for this position will help develop and maintain a unique retail experience at Topanga Creek Outpost. The candidate will run the service department and bicycle portion of the business while helping achieve sales through the development of new products, events, and engaging customers in a destination based retail environment. Driving new business (both TCO and Rogue Journeymen) to the shop and maintaining an existing customer base is of utmost importance in this role. The candidate will also help contribute to social media content on a regular basis. Having a good attitude and being a team player are a must. An outdoor enthusiast with an adventurous spirit is a great fit of the shop.

Primary Duties

  • Mechanic: The ideal candidate for this position should be well trained in how to work on all kinds of bicycles, for example, a simple touring bike, a Surly Ogre with SON/Rohloff combo, and a custom Waterford with electronic XTR Di2 components. Although we don't stock kids bikes and hybrids, candidate should have a friendly attitude toward them. Job requires being proficient at bleeding brakes, suspension service and wheel building. The service stream at the shop is steady so it is required that the mechanic has a knowledge of how to properly preform a tune up and have an order of operations for doing so in a reasonable amount of time. There will be new bikes that arrive at the shop and will need to be built out of the box. Being able to properly quote a customer for a custom build and executing a custom build. The candidate must also help to repair and maintain the demo fleet of bikes so that the bikes look clean and function perfectly every time they are sent out. The candidate must deal with bicycles brands directly and handle warranties, returns, credits, and mechanical issues with ease.
  • Day to Day Retail Operations: Have a clear understanding of how a small bicycle shop operates day to day. The candidate should know how to open and close the shop. The candidate will also share the duties of properly displaying the bikes in the morning, facing the store, neatening displays and keeping the shop clean inside and out. Candidate should be comfortable working with the Lightspeed operating system or be adaptable to learn the system. The candidate should have basic knowledge of how purchase orders are created and received. Knowledge of inventory management is also desirable.
  • Holistic Shop Needs: The shop is very diverse but also small so the ideal candidate for this position will wear multiple hats while on duty. Many responsibilities are shared and they range from keeping the shop clean to making lunch for the whole crew. The shop environment is very user experience focused so it's import to not only provide excellent customer service, but also be mindful of the entire customer experience the moment they walk into the door.
  • Social Media: The candidate should help generate social media content for the shop. It is important that this person be a great brand ambassador for the shop. Building and maintaining relationships with other bicycle shops and brands around the country is an essential part of the job. This helps bring unique products to the shop from others and also helps brand awareness for the business.
  • Events: The candidate will be required to attend some bicycle industry events such as private brand industry events, Interbike, Eurobike, and Sea Otter Classic. UnPredict Your Wednesday is an event that has been developing for three years and is a great way of engaging new and existing customers of Topanga Creek. These events often happen Tuesday night into mid-day Wednesday and are camping or bikepacking related. The candidate should be flexible with a non-traditional schedule and attend some of these events. Also, events are held at the shop some Saturday evenings or weekends for group camping trips, dinners, movie nights, or presentations. Also, races have been a fun part of the shop for some time and a few races are attended throughout the year. Again, these events are some of the best ways to engage our existing shop family but also encourage new riders to join.
  • Rogue Journeymen: The candidate should help to establish the brand.

Topanga Creek Outpost was started as a creative outlet and continues to operate this way. The most important aspect to this job is maintaining a good quality of life while still being creative and running a successful business. It is good to be a self-starter and try out new ideas or solutions for the changing retail world.

How to Apply

Please tell us why you're interested in this position and email it to us along with your resume to No phone calls please. We look forward to talking with you!

About Topanga Creek Outpost

Topanga Creek Outpost is a destination bicycle shop and adventure store in Topanga, California, a canyon community on the outskirt of Los Angeles surrounded by Topanga State Park and in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. We focus heavily on customer experience, relationship building and unique products. There are two bicycle repair stands under an oak tree outside by the creek and Adirondack chairs are abound in the same outdoor space. We do a weekly Saturday morning shop mountain bike ride and regular bikepacking trips. It is our goal to create an ideal work environment for those who love the outdoors and are engaged in what we enjoy.

Recognized as an avid bike touring, bikepacking and mountain bike shop in Southern California, we go on micro adventures weekly and cherish a quality of life. We are fortunate to have been awarded America's Best Bike Shops 4 times, The Top Mountain Bike Pro Shop in the U.S. by Bicycle Retailer, California Small Business of the Year, and 2017 Bicycle Retailer Innovation Award. Click here to learn more about us.

In the same spirit of loving all things outdoors and adventurous, in 2015 we founded Rogue Journeymen, a brand that was born out of our creative energy. We handcraft leather goods right from the same shop space and produce belts, journal covers, guitar straps, aprons and more. The ideal candidate will embrace the development of the brand and help to drive all marketing efforts to promote Rogue Journeymen.

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