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Only the Best from Switzerland

We have been a BMC dealer since 2006 when BMC was a very small but highly regarded premium bicycle brand that was trying to establish itself in the US market. We fell in love with their bikes and the people the moment we saw them at an industry event that year. The folks from Switzerland were so down-to-earth and welcomed us with open arms. The bikes shined brightly with each curve and weld looked uniquely purposeful, and you could just sense the superb quality and attention to detail that went into them.

Since then BMC has become a major player in the bike world by winning numerous world championships, including the Tour de France. It's a true testament to BMC's prowess in engineering and advanced technology that lead to their success. But BMC doesn't just rest on their laurels. Their passion for innovations and technological advancements has allowed them to produce some of the most exciting bicycles on the market today.

We had a chance to visit BMC's headquarter and manufacturing facility in Grenchen, Switzerland. Situated in the Swiss Precision Valley among world-renowned watchmakers, BMC took us mountain biking in Jura Mountains which was their testing ground and only a stone's throw away from the main office. After the visit we totally understood how their "precision engineering" philosophy was instilled in them and why their mountain bikes that were born in the mountains were such a joy to ride.

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To provide you with the best experience possible, we encourage you to make an appointment online for your next BMC bike purchase. Appointment allows us to dedicate time to go over your purchase needs and conduct complimentary bike fitting if needed.

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