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Topanga Creek Receives BRAINy Award for The Top Mountain Bike Pro Shop in the U.S.

It was quite surreal when we found out we were given a special award by Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRAIN) for The Top Mountain Bike Pro Shop in the U.S. at Interbike in 2012. Needless to say we were excited and humbled to be the recipient of this top honor. It definitely feels good to be recognized by the industry for doing what we love but more importantly, we are really proud of our small and rather unconventional bike shop tucked away in the middle of a canyon to be acknowledged for all that we do.

One thing for certain is we did not earn this award based on the number of bikes we sell because we simply cannot compete on volume with urban and online shops carrying big household brands. Nor did we earn the award by having lots of expensive bike models on the sales floor to show off what we got.

BRAINy Award for The Top Mountain Bike Pro Shop in the U.S.

What makes our shop truly special are the people around us. Those who get up at the break of dawn to go on our Saturday morning shop mountain bike rides; those who show up at the races with us in rain, ice or roasting heat; those who call us their local bike shop even though they live far out of town; those who stop in to bring us lunch knowing we didn't have time for breaks; those who help out at trail maintenance; and many more who are simply amazing supporters of the shop. Together we have built an incredible community right here in Topanga and it's a place where people make friends, share the same passion and interests, and even call our shop their second home. Building a strong and friendly community is what Topanga Creek is all about.

This BRAINy Award for the Top Mountain Bike Pro Shop is for everyone around us. All the smiles and fun moments captured in those shop photos reaffirm that we're doing something right. So go ahead and give yourselves a huge pat on the back because you truly deserve it.

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