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Esker - Performance and Control

Formerly Advocate Cycles, Esker is formed by a group of riders and like-minded individuals who aim to think differently. Their aim to encourage a broader, more inclusive cycling community.

Esker's full suspension bike, the Elcat, is based on Dave Weagle's Orion suspension platform which provides an efficient and stable pedaling response on both smooth terrain and in the rough without a hint of pedal feedback. Exceptional mid-travel square-edged bump compliance creates continuous traction in varied terrain so you're always in control. Optimized for single-chainring big range drivetrains, its two short links work in concert to provide controlled lateral stiffness and keep braking forces in check when the trail gets rough.

Price and availability

For current inventory, pricing, and promotions on bicycles and frames, visit the Sales and Inventory page.

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To provide you with the best experience possible, we encourage you to make an appointment online for your next Esker bike purchase. Appointment allows us to dedicate time to go over your purchase needs and conduct complimentary bike fitting if needed.

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