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We have a full service department for all your bicycle tune-up, repair, and other service needs. From cable adjustments to completely bottom bracket overhaul, we work on bikes of all performance levels from pro racing bikes to daily commuters.

Been in business since 1999 and awarded America's Best Bike Shops 4 times, we are also your trusted source for all custom work such as wheel builds and custom bike building. If you have specific service needs please contact us.

Bike Tune-up

A clean, well-tuned bike is a happy bike, and happy bike makes happy riders. We offer different levels of bike tune-up to suit your needs.

  • FREE Complimentary 90-Day Bicycle Purchase Tune

    During the break-in period of a new bike it's common that the cables stretch and various components settle in their place. We provide a free tune-up within the first 90 days to make sure you continue to enjoy the riding experience. In addition, new bicycle purchase comes with free one-year brake and cable adjustments.


  • Mini-Tune

    The Mini-Tune is for a bike that's in pretty good shape, but just needs some minor tweaks: maybe it hasn't been ridden in a month or two, maybe you're doing a race next month and would like to be sure that everything's tip-top. We'll check the bike over to make sure nothing's loose or unsafe, spot-true the wheels if needed (without removing), perform minor brake and derailleur adjustments, do a quick wipe-down, and lube the chain.

    $64.99 — geared
    $54.99 — single speed

  • Deluxe Tune

    The Deluxe Tune is more thorough than the Mini, and is perfect for bikes that get ridden more often or harder. We'll true both wheels, adjust bearing systems if needed or applicable (hubs, headset and bottom bracket), adjust both brakes and derailleurs, lube the cables, lube the chain, and do a bit more thorough wipe-down.

    $94.99 — geared
    $79.99 — single speed

  • Supreme Tune

    The Supreme Tune is everything that the Deluxe is and also includes all new cables and housing. Most bikes need this about once a year: cables and housing wear out, affecting shifting and raking performance, and a Deluxe Tune just isn't enough. For mountain bikes with hydraulic disc brakes, the price includes bleeding both brakes.

    Cable brakes: $134.99 — cables and housing included
    $104.99 — singlespeed

    Hydraulic brakes: $164.99 — shift cables and housing and brake bleeding included; all other parts and installation extra
    $144.99 — singlespeed

  • Ultimate Mountain Tune

    The key to keeping a full or front suspension bike happy is regular maintenance of the fork and shock, so our Ultimate Mountain Tune includes basic fork and air shock service in addition to everything the Supreme covers.

    Fork only: $254.99 — includes oil and dust wiper kit for Fox and Rock Shox: pricing for other brands may vary
    Fork and shock: $304.99 — includes oil, dust wiper kit for Fox and Rock Shox, and shock air sleeve kit for Fox only; pricing for other brands may vary

  • Prices are for labor only unless otherwise noted, parts and installation are extra.

Free Professional Bike Fitting with Every Bike Purchase

Reduce pains and injuries caused by improper fit! We use one of the industry-leading expert fitting systems to provide you with the best fitting program tailored to your riding style. The Fit Kit takes precise body measurements with their special instruments, then a full geometry analysis is calculated using Fit Kit's proprietary software and charts. Because the best fit isn't purely based on scientific calculations but with many human factors to consider, each fitting session starts with an interview so we understand what your needs are. Our fit expert will then guide you through each exercise and the whole process usually takes half hour. Please allow enough time in your schedule when you make a bike purchase. Click here for more information.

Custom Wheel Build and Wheel Lacing

Dress up your new ride with a set of custom built wheels. Having a light set of wheels is extremely important to efficiently maintain forward momentum as lighter weight requires lesser inertia for each rotation. With Phil Wood Spoke Cutting & Threading Machine (a true dream machine!) we can custom build just about any wheel in any size mated to any hub. You will feel the difference immediately with a set of expertly built, strong and light weight wheels. Let our expert wheel builder help you achieve that goal.

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