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Bicycle Fitting

Concerned about Surly's cut steerer tube?

Fear not! We are aware of the online chatters about Surly steerer tubes on some models recently being cut to a shorter length at Surly Intergalactic headquarters. We know that's causing a concern for some folks. We are one of Surly's most enthusiastic shops in the country and are here to address the situation so you don't have to worry. If the stock steerer tube is too short for the bike you'd like to purchase because you have a longer torso or like to ride more upright, we will swap it out FOR FREE to a fork with a longer tube from our Surly Steerer Tube Library. With the help of our complimentary bike fitting, you can be sure we're on your side when you buy a bike from Topanga Creek Outpost.

Bicycle fitting for customers purchasing a bicycle from us

With the purchase of most bicycles, a bike fitting is provided free of charge when frame size is in question. We use industry-leading professional system The Fit Kit to determine the optimal bike geometry for the person. During this process, we measure major body dimensions such as legs, arms, and torso, followed by an in-depth questionnaire to come up with the recommended frame geometry. We prepare each bicycle to the specifics of the individual and when necessary, we swap out stem and other component to ensure proper bike fit for the person.

Purchase by appointment highly recommended

We treat each bike purchase with high degree of care and personalization. That's why we provide this professional fitting service for free for those who purchase a bike from us. We highly encourage you to make an appointment ahead of time for your bike purchase so we can allocate uninterrupted time to perform the measurements and go over your bike with you. Ultimately, we want you to have the best experience so you can truly enjoy riding your new bike for years to come.

Bicycle purchase appointment

Person's arm being measured during bicycle fitting

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