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12 Hours of Temecula Race, November 12 2011

We had 20+ people racing in 12 Hours of Temecula on November 12, 2011
The teams getting ready for 12 Hours of Temecula
Look at Bella dashing into the photo! Glad she made it.
Our 4-person team got 2nd place, Joshua got 2nd place in 12-hour solo, and single-speed team got 3rd place
Our fearless single-speed team
Brian, Max and Brian getting ready for 12 Hours of Temecula
The fire kept everyone warm on this chilly rainy day
Lydia is up for her lap on her single speed
Brian is doing the 6-hour solo
Shanon can go forever on her BMC
Scott is having fun on is Maverick
Joshua is doing the 12-hour solo
Dr. Penguin, Silvio and Eric at 12 Hours of Temecula
There's a MacGyver in all of us when it comes to coffee...
Steve stays warm by the fire
Capt. Penguin and Jeovanni relaxing by the campfire
It was a cold night
Ryan and his Salsa Spearfish after a lap in the mud and the rain
Joshua is on for another lap. He came in second in his 12-hour solo category
Chris finishes his lap on a single speed
Cold, muddy and rainy, but everyone was having fun
Silvio eats his bike after a muddy finish
The weather cleared up in Temecula the next day and it was gorgeous
A few of us went for a ride on the same race course
Vail Lake in the background
It was a picture-perfect day out there
Silvio posing with Vail Lake in the background

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