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We are a Surly Destination Shop

We've been a Surly Bicycles dealer in Los Angeles since 2005 and We are proud to be one of the Surly Destination Shops in the country. That means we are fully marinated in Surly juice and have many of their models such as Long Haul Trucker, Disc Trucker, Karate Monkey, Bridge Club, and Ogre on the floor. We also have over 15 years of experience customizing Surly bikes so you can count on us to build you a unique Surly that fits your specific needs and personality.

Surly Bicycles has a solid reputation for producing high-quality steel frames and parts designed with versatility and utilitarian uses in mind. But what makes them a great bike company goes well beyond those tangible attributes. Surly's unique philosophy on bicycles has created a loyal fan base and it makes people excited again about riding their bikes whether through the streets of downtown Los Angels, in the flowy singletracks of Mammoth Mountain or across the high plains of South America.

The popular Surly models are Long Haul Trucker, Cross-Check, ECR, Ogre and Karate Monkey. Come visit us for more information.

Make an Appointment For Your Purchase

To provide you with the best experience possible, we encourage you to make an appointment online for your next Surly bike purchase. Appointment allows us to dedicate time to go over your purchase needs and conduct complimentary bike fitting if needed.

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