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A tried and true touring bike

A class-leading touring bike, the newly redesigned Disc Trucker provides versatility and dependability on the daily commute or trans-continental excursion. Fork blade three-pack mounts enable you to attach and haul even more stuff, and the frame features a low bottom bracket and long chainstays for comfort and stability while loaded down. With increased stack height and improved stand-over clearance, plus ample space for larger tires and fenders, it's designed to go the distance whether you're on a weekend trip to get away from the mundane or an all-out adventure trekking across America.

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Before the Disc Trucker came along, Surly Long Haul Trucker was synonymous with the term bicycle touing for well over a decade. However, rim brakes were falling out of favor so Long Haul Trucker was discontinued to let its twin model Disc Trucker completely take over the helm.

When there's just you and your bike in the middle of nowhere and away from civilization, you can trust the Disc Trucker Trucker to be a loyal and reliable companion to carry you and your gear through the whole journey. With hundreds of Disc Trucker and Long Haul Truckers we've customized and sold over the years, we can attest to Dics Trucker's second-to-none reliability record.

A great commuter bike around town

Navigating through the streets of Los Angeles on a bike is not the easiest thing to do. There's constant traffic, people on foot, changing elevations, and endless potholes. Disc Trucker's rugged nature double duties as a great commuter bike around town in Los Angeles. The steel CroMoly frame and wide rubber soak up small bumps and vibrations. The low center of gravity and stretched wheelbase also provide a stable and forgiving ride. The Surly Disc Trucker is truly a Jack of all trades.

Free bike fitting for the proper fit

When you purchase a Surly bicycle from us, we offer a complimentary bike fitting to ensure you end up with a bike that properly fits you based on your body geometry and riding style. Read more about our bike fitting program.

Price and availability

For current inventory, pricing, and promotions on bicycles and frames, visit the Sales and Inventory page.

Features that make Surly Disc Trucker the ideal touring bike:

  • Low bottom bracket position - lower center of gravity provides a more stable ride
  • Long chainstay - stretched wheelbase improves ride quality and makes room for all the stuff you want to carry in your rear panniers
  • Ample tire clearance - the extra room allows more tire size and tire fender choices
  • Clearance for 700c x 47mm with or without fenders
  • Lots of braze-ons for fenders, racks, and almost anything else you might want to stick on your bike, plus spare spoke holders for when the road gets rough.
  • Fork blade three-pack mounts for even more mounting options, plus routing for Dynamo hubs.
  • 100% Chromoly steel frame and fork; double-butted main triangle and E.D. coating for increased frame life
  • Redesigned front and rear dropouts to accommodate captured 12mm thru-axles and flat-mount disc brakes

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