830 AM Saturday, Feb 12. Mnt Bike Ride.

We are going to do the weekly ride from the shop at 830  We are planning to ride up Cheney, so be ready for a hill, again, and it is steep by most standards.  It is OK to go slow, we usually break into two groups with lots of various level riders.   Show up at 800 -815, we leave promptly at 830, because we have to open the shop at 11 and want to ride for a couple hours..    The weather is really great up here.   And, the conditions are fantastic.   

Topanga Canyon

Getting Better Bikes to More People. Thinking out of the box about a bike.


 We recently made a quick chart to help guide everyone to the right bike or plan for their usage and budget.  Here is some ideas, comments and suggestions for budgeting a bike.  Packages are often available for even better options, but here is a good start.


Ideas for Bikes. And upgrades Purpose and notes from us.  (All of the bikes in this list are appropriate for the Santa Monica Mountains and trails around us in Southern California.  This list is for budgeting your next purchase and having a general overview of what we offer in mountain bikes and what we sell regularly.)
HARO Flightline series (front suspension) $330 – $1305    This series is often for first time riders.
HARO Shift series (full suspension) $840 – $1525   The Haro Shift Series is a full suspension line for first time riders getting their first full suspension bike on a budget.
BMC Speedfox $1595 for a few 2010 we still have.  MSRP is $1995.   A full suspension bike that can grow with you. The BMC frame is great for all trails in the mountains near the shop.
Maverick Durance $3,100 – $5.000    All around bike.   This is one of Scott’s favorite options.
Pivot 429 $4,000 – $6,500   DW Link 29er.   Well reviewed.  Technically excellent suspension. Dave Weagle designed.
Pivot Mach series $3,600 – $7,000    DW Link 26 inch frames.  David Weagle designed. 
Devinci Dixon or Dexter $2,995 – $7,499.   Made in Canada.    Unique to the states, fantastic company, people and frames from Canada.   A Devinci and Dave Weagle colaboration in Canada.  Best Practices.  Best in Class.
HARO 29ers $875-$1630    Entry level introduction to 29er bikes.   The Mary XC is an ideal steel framed 29er on a budget .  
Salsa Spearfish $2249 (or more for custom build, although we recommend the complete).  Nothing competes on price against performance.
Surly Troll $2.000- $3,000 These are a lot of fun and available only as custom builds.  Steel hardtail frame and fork by Surly. 
 Salsa el Mariachi  $1749 for complete, builds (2K – 4K) If you can find the complete bike in your size, this is another of the incredible Salsa 2011 builds.
Tune-up $75 and up.  A budget way to get riding imediately.
Upgrade frame  $1,000 and up.   Another budget alternative to a new bike.
Upgrade wheelset $500 Stan’s wheelset gives you a great new wheelset.  Spend more if you want and can because wheels are very important.
BMC Frourstroke $2795 is where we can start you with a BMC Fourstroke for optimal pricing on a race ready BMC frame.  Sizing limited.
BMC Trailfox  $2495 (now $1695 for 2010, limited sizes and quantity) Another high end Avanced Pivot System designed BMC framed bike at an affordable price. 140mm of travel. Terrific platform.
Niner Jet 9 $3,000 is often the goal.  If you like Kermit Green, you can build a 2010 Jet 9 for under $3,000.   The frame and fork are $2,595 otherwise
Niner Air 9 Scandium $3,000 – $4000 is often the goal for a scandium hard tail 29er.   Generally if you are planning a scandium frame, you want best.
Niner MCR & EMD Get on a NIner for under $2,000 with an MCR or EMD.  Get hooked on big wheels.
Upgrade tires  $100 Another budget option to get on the trails and advance your riding style. 
New Camelbak $70-100 will get you hydrated so you can ride more and get stronger and better.
New TCB Waterbottle $5   For the absolute budget way to spruce up your riding.
Topanga Creek Socks  $8.95   Shameless marketing for us, might not improve you riding, but we get our logo out there one more time.
 NiteRider lights including the MiNewt 250 Cordless  $139.99 -160 The first and best cordless bright light.  Mounts on the handlebars like a commuter light. Finally. 
 Surly Pugsely  $1500 – $5000    A snow bound bike.  Fun, Fun, Fun.   And, more fun. Giant tires and a smile on your face.
BMC Carbon Team Elite in size large frame. Was $2595, Now $1395.   Build the ultimate hard tale race mountain bike.  Best in class frame. 
Titanium Mariachi Comlete Bike $3299  Best pricing for a ti frame. Lighter Mariachi. Smooth ride.
Titanium Fargo Frame $1999  If you are planning to ride the continental divide, you will be happiest with the lightest frame available.