Calendar of future events…..


We have a lot going on.  Generally we have a shop ride on Saturdays at 8 AM.  Everyone is welcome, always hills, always fun, usually 2 to 2 1/2 hours.    We ride from the outpost and have to be back to open by 11, so we leave on time.  Show up 20 minutes early is a good idea.    Super hot and 30 percent chance of rain cancels.  Sometimes at the last moment. Safety first.

The next UnPredict Your Wednesdays will be camping, but we are sure where.   Truly unpredicting.   Expect a calendar soon with the Spring schedule.    However, we are sure that Chris and Rover will be hiking March 1/2 and a second trip to Catalina will be in early March.

We also added creative night on Thursday from 6-9.   Show up and be creative.   Leather work and more are happening.


Chris' list of what to bring bikepacking