Oak Flat Fire Lookout Tower Adventure for UnPredict Your Wednesday

We went on a hike in the late afternoon before dinner and it seemed like a new trail.

Singletrack riding in the Sequoias.

Stopping for a moment and photo.

The inside of the Oak Flat Fire Lookout.

The trail is single track but joins up with the road for a moment.

The Sunset from the Oak Flat Fire Lookout was amazing. The Sequoia National Forest is surreal.

The stairs are steep so hoisting up supplies is much much easier than climbing up the stairs with packs.

We saw this cool rock on our hike.

Riding on the trails around the lookout tower.

Who knew that the Sequoia National Forest has some fun rocks to climb?

The trails in the forest are super fun.


UnPredict Your Journey. Oak Flat Lookout Exploration.

Camping, hiking, adventure, and more. We did some more exploring at the Oakflat Fire Lookout Tower in the Sequoia. It is an amazing place about 3 hours from LA. You can rent the lookout for $75 a night at recreation.gov It is in the National Forest. There are a handful of lookout towers in the US that you can camp in. Million Dollar views.

We camped at the Oak Flat Fire Lookout Tower

We drove up to the very bottom of the Sequoia and camped in the Tower.    (You can reserve them through recreation.gov)   Very fun night, camp and then we rode the trail below it for the day.   A terrific 24 hours.

UnPredict Your Wednesday.